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Welcome to We specialize in the creation and re-creation of carved instrument plates and molds for discriminating craftsmen.  We draw from decades of experience in the fields of architecture, industrial design, and lutherie to produce the most accurate models of the worlds greatest instruments.  Although we specialize in violin and violin family instruments, we have drawn and modeled many different objects including archtop guitars and mandolin family instruments. This experience informs the process and refines the results.



Our modeling begins with the most accurate source material.  This can come in the form of an existing plate, a casting, models or existing drawings.  Our library draws from the most refined source material covering the greatest examples of the Cremonese Masters.  Models can also be generated to accommodate nearly any criteria, metric or conceptual, to better aid the contemporary builder in their process.


The process is initialised by the selection of an appropriate model from common sources, or by your own source material in either drawing, template or model form.  From there, we select the level of detail that will be executed on the plates.  Pricing is set at the time of order and dependent on quantity and detail required. Nearly any level of detail is achievable. 

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