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Violin Plate Milling

Standard Models

There are two ways to proceed with having your plates made. First you can simply order from among dozens of known masterpieces from the Cremonese masters.  They are modeled from the best source material available today, and are then slightly modified to correct for distortions that have occurred from either the instrument's measurements being taken while the instrument was under tension, or from the sound post.  The edges are a uniform 4.2mm in height and square.  There are no graduations. The outline can be made precisely to reflect the source, or can be oversized.

Standard models are priced at $300.00 per plate.  There is no drawing charge. 

Proprietary Models

These models are constructed from scratch or using one of the Standard Models as a point of departure.  They allow for customization in variable edge thickness, arching height, channel depth, purfling channel position and width, markings at F-holes, different outlines for belly and back.  The drawing charge includes one set of test plates.

Proprietary models start at $600.00 per plate for drawings, and are then $200.00 per plate for milling afterwards.

Moulds and templates

Moulds can be made for any model.  They are milled from gapless baltic birch plywood, or any other wood provided by the customer.  The customer specifies the block dimensions, mould height and edge offset.

Violin Moulds are $150.00



Precision milled violin plates that correspond directly with measured plate drawings, moulds, and templates.


We precisely machine the proper relief into violin fingerboards bringing them to within scraping distance of completion. The sides and nut surface are also milled to perfect squareness with the sides matching the relief of the outermost two strings.  All relief specifications and profiles are mutable to accommodate the specific needs of each builder and project.




Milling bridges allows for the maker to have much greater control over the material used in their bridges as well as the freedom to modify it's profile.



We machine scrolls to exact width dimensions paired with a meticulously drawn profile to provide an excellent departure point for makers to detail and articulate the exact scroll they are working towards.  We also offer a great amount of flexibility in the amount of overcut or undercut to leave the greatest leeway.