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Being sensitive to the concerns over proprietary information and confidentiality, does not share or disclose any information whatsoever about our customers orders, modifications, drawings, identity or affiliation.  Every customer and transaction is by default, a discreet and confidential relationship between the client and ourselves.  Non-disclosure agreements surrounding the contents of work and the identity of parties are common and perfectly acceptable on our end.

All digital content created by is done so using proprietary software and created primarily for the purpose of creating machine instructions for milling, 3D printing, and analysis through various programs.  These machine instructions and digital modeling information are the property of .  We do provide 2D representations of the models in the classic cinque section form with select elevation points to assist in the initial evaluation of the plates, but test pieces have always proven much more meaningful and expedient  ways to get to the desired arch. 

All models used as our "Standard" models can be modified to become "Custom" models.  Any custom models created are for the sole use of the commissioning maker and will NOT be resold, reused, or related to any other entity.  

Please feel free to contact us about any specific concerns or request you may have, we are happy to accommodate.